1-Page Funnel Marketing Agency Plan

Keep your FaaS Agency on target with this 1-Page Funnel Marketing Agency Plan

Focusing your Funnel Marketing Agency can be hard.

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the more you offer, the more money you’ll make… but that’s not how it works.

Stacking on additional services to keep a good client happy by partnering with other agencies that do the work is one thing, but adding services to attract new clients is going to set you up to be overworked and stressed out.

You can’t systemize a digital marketing agency that isn’t focused on delivering a certain type of results to a specific type of client.

And if you can’t systemize, you can’t grow.

That’s why I recommend that you define a niche, figure out who your dream marketing client is, then turn your agency into an assembly line that will deliver predictable, consistent results to your clients.

Agency Owners (and even freelancers) who focus their energy around those three things will be unstoppable.

And that brings me to…

The 1-Page FaaS Agency Plan

1-Page FaaS Marketing Agency Plan

Like the Dream Client Checklist, this FaaS Agency Plan is designed to keep you on track and jump-start your Client Attraction Process.

It’s designed to focus your agency around one core client who you know you can help.

Once complete, you should refer to it as you are creating your Agency Ignite Funnel and other marketing materials because it will help keep you on track, hyper-targeted on your ideal client.

The plan is made up of five parts:

Who Is Your Dream Client?

You need to understand precisely what client (niche & sub-niche) you want to attract to your FaaS Agency. If you haven’t already done the work to define your marketing niche, do that first.

What Is Their Core Pain Today?

Why are they looking for a funnel marketer righ tnow? Why do they need help with their business?

What Are 3 Consequences Of That Pain?

What negative things are happening in their business because they don’t have whatever it is they need?

What Is Their Core Desire?

What would a win look like? What would it mean to your dream client if you were able to help them with their pain and turn things around?

What Are 3 Results Of That Desire?

What positive things would happen/would they be able to do if they had a successful funnel that eliminated their core pain?

Use Your Funnel Marketing Agency Plan To Grow Your Business

If completed properly, this 1-Page FaaS Agency Plan will inform the rest of your client attraction process – starting with building the Agency Ignite Funnel that will attract dream clients who want your Funnel Services.

But you have to do your research.

Don’t guess at what your ideal client wants — that’s going to be frustrating and lead to wasted effort.

Instead, go ASK. Ask your current clients who fit in this niche. Go find your dream client on Facebook and Linkedin and see what they’re talking about. Join groups and forums they belong to. Hack the funnels of other marketing agencies that are targeting the same niche.

Dig deep and find out what your client really needs in their business.


Because when you are creating marketing materials to attract your dream client – your funnels, your ads, your follow up emails, your website – it is important that you speak to not only to their pain, but also the desires they will be able to achieve if they use your services.

If you only focus on one side but not the other, your argument is not going to be as compelling as it is if you can both prove you know what their pains are AND you can implement a system that will eliminate their pain and give them the things they want.

But if you do your research and answer each of the above, this plan will give you all the information you need to fuel your client attraction process.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about systemizing your agency and creating a client attraction process, go check out my 100% free Funnel Agency Masterclass.

Start with the Client Attraction Training, which goes into further detail about the 1-Page FaaS Agency Plan as well as gives you the materials you need to support it.

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