3 Stages of Growing a Marketing Agency

There’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately from freelance marketers and marketing contractors about growing a marketing agency…

Especially ones who are new to the Funnel Momentum Facebook Community and are hearing about my Funnel Agency Masterclass for the first time.

“What if I’m happy as a freelancer? What if I don’t want to build and run a marketing agency?

Does this Funnels as a Service Framework stuff still apply to me?”

Every time someone asks me this question, I can’t help but smile. Because here’s the truth:

Most people who ask me this question haven’t systemized their services yet. They can’t even imagine running a FaaS Agency that works like clockwork, because they’re too busy (and stressed out) from selling individual marketing services to whoever will bite to imagine having a team.

And even if they do, it feels like a lot of work – just one more thing they have to manage when they’re already working crazy hours just to keep up.

If that’s you, the first thing I want to say is:

Yes, this framework is absolutely relevant to you.

Even if you never intend to have a team, systemizing your business around Funnels as a Service and working to attract your dream clients will make it easier to deliver services to your clients and charge more while you do.

But once you find your niche, define your dream client and systemize your offer, life is going to get a little easier. And when it does, you might just find yourself entering the second stage of building a FaaS Agency.

You see, there are three growth stages that every FaaS Agency tends to go through once you’ve started to actually systemize your attraction, close and delivery process.

They look like this:

Stage 1

It’s just you. You’re attracting, closing, delivering and retaining your funnel clients all by yourself.

Stage 2

You hire a few people to help out. You hire a virtual assistant, maybe a graphic designer or a copywriter to get things done more efficiently or to help you in an area where you aren’t quite as strong or as fast, but you’re still the bottleneck in your business.

Stage 3

You step away from direct client work and focus on growing your business because your agency can operate without you.

But you’ll never get there if you don’t start running your agency like an assembly line from the ground up.

Running Your Agency Like an Assembly Line

To be able to run your agency like an assembly line, it’s important that every step of creating funnels for your clients is systemized.

And to be honest, this process is true for EVERY type of marketing business… not just growing a funnel marketing agency

If you want to be able to grow and scale your marketing business — and make more money — you need to consider systemizing your services. It doesn’t matter if you are growing a Facebook Ad Agency, a website design business, a Linkedin Lead gen business…

If you don’t systemize your agency and run it like an assembly line, you will be running around like crazy trying to do something different for every single client who comes your way.

There’s only so much work you can do because you’re re-inventing the wheel every time… and so there will be a finite cap on how much you can grow.

Think about your business like the assembly line for a car.

If you are going to build a reliable, safe, consistent vehicle, you don’t do something different each time. Every single piece of a car has a place where it belongs and a system to get it there.

It’s not efficient if one person builds a car one way and someone else builds a car a different way – each person (or robot) along the way builds their part the same way every single time. That’s how cars end up virtually identical when the car comes off the assembly line.

Of course you can customize it – your car might have a different paint color, or seat covers, or a better stereo or whatever. But at the core, the pieces, systems and processes are the same.

It should be that way in your agency, too.

Every client will have different copy, different branding, different colors and fonts. But at the core, the systems and processes that get you from closing your dream client to delivering and optimizing their funnels should follow the same process every single time.

And once your business is systemized and you’re not scrambling all the time, creating something new for every client who comes into your pipeline…

You might notice that something crazy happens.

You’ll be working less. Your clients will be happier. You’ll be less stressed out.

And suddenly you may just find yourself with the capital and runway to hire some people to take on some of your workload…

Which might just lead to Stage 3 of growing a marketing agency — stepping away from direct client work and being able to focus on business growth.

So what do you think?

Are you ready to take the next step and start systemizing your agency?

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