The 4-Step Funnels as a Service Framework

The age of selling individual digital marketing services is over.

As someone who has been in the digital marketing space for over ten years now, I can say this with authority…

The age of selling individual digital marketing services is over.

Generic digital marketing has become a commodity. Just about anyone can learn enough about selling SEO, or social media management, or whatever, to be able to call themselves a “digital marketer”. The market is saturated. It’s as easy to find a generic digital marketer as it is to buy bread at the corner store.

If you want to grow and scale a successful marketing agency — especially when times are tough — you have to do something different.

You have to do something that makes you “recession-proof”… something that smart business owners know they need even when things are uncertain.

You need to offer Funnels as a Service.

Let’s Talk About FaaS (Funnels as a Service)

On the surface, selling Funnels as a Service is pretty simple. If you package up all the generic digital marketing services you offer and turn them into a system that helps specific business owners turn strangers into customers, you’ve started selling Funnels as a Service.

In practice… well, it’s not so easy.

Because if you sell whatever to whoever, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of work, a lot of stress, and a lot of misery.

But if you do it right, if you package your services in a way that is easy to duplicate, then sell the same funnel over and over again to the same kind of client…

You will be able to grow and scale your Funnel Marketing Agency in a consistent, predictable, relatively stress-free way.

And to do that, you need to start by implementing the 4-Step FaaS Framework at the core of your business.

The 4-Step FaaS Framework

The 4-Step FaaS Framework focuses on four core areas that are necessary if you want to build, grow and scale your funnel marketing agency.

The four steps in the framework are:

  1. Attract
  2. Close
  3. Deliver
  4. Retain

I’ll briefly cover the importance of each below.

1. Attract Dream Clients

If you want to have a scalable agency, even when things are hard, you need to be able to identify your dream marketing client and then attract them to your business.

It is incredibly important that you don’t skip this part, because you need to make sure that you have clients that are in your niche, that will fit into the assembly line you will build for your business… that way you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with each new project.

Instead, focus on selling one type of funnel to one type of client. That will let you perfect the funnel delivery and optimization process, which will make both you and your clients a lot happier.

When you have a system to automatically attract dream clients who want your funnel services, everything changes. This one little change in your business will take you from sporadic income to a calendar that is consistently full of leads that you can tap at any time to grow your agency.

2. Close Clients at Premium Prices

The key to a highly profitable funnel agency is to be able to offer your services for premium prices and get your clients to say yes.

When I first started my agency, I hadn’t quite figured this concept out yet. It led me to quantify my prices based on how much work I was putting in, so I was essentially charging hourly. It caused me to compete on price and be seen as just another digital marketer.

The key to closing high-ticket clients is to package your funnel services in a way that makes your dream client see the end impact on their business.

That’s why you need to be selling a provable system, not individual digital marketing services. If you can prove to your client that the system you are selling is going to help them make more money, you’re suddenly worth a lot more to their business than some hourly rate.

And that’s how you stop being an easily replaced (and often disappointing) commodity and start closing clients who know that you will be able to get them real results.

3. Deliver Funnels Without Pulling Your Hair Out

Once you’ve attracted your dream client and closed them on a proven funnel, you need to have a system in place to deliver results for your client.

This is where a lot of marketers trip up and become the bottleneck in their own business.

First, if you are selling whatever funnel a client wants to buy, you are going to be creating something new every single time.

Far from having a process for building successful funnels for your clients, you will always be scrambling to keep up with the workload.

If you can’t automate the process, if you can’t create an assembly line to get funnels out the door, you’re setting yourself up for unhappy clients, unhappy team members, and a whole lot of stress.

Second, your goal as a FaaS Agency Owner is not to be self-employed and have a glorified job where you are always at the mercy of your client-boss.

Your goal is to be able to step outside your business, to focus on the things you love doing and are good at instead of having to constantly manage your clients and provide deliverables day-to-day.

Systemizing your process will allow you to easily transition it from being in your head, running through you, to being able to hire and hand it off to the right team members at the right time. A systemized agency and a team that you trust are necessary to being able to take your business to the next level.

4. Retain Clients With Ease

What’s the point in working so hard to attract, close, and deliver results for your client if they aren’t going to stick around and keep paying you month after month?

That’s why retaining clients is one of the four steps to a successful FaaS Agency.

Happy clients want to keep using your services, whether it’s managing their ads and optimization process or building new funnels with you. That allows you to continuously stack monthly recurring revenue and completely eliminates the fluctuation where some months you make money and others you stay at zero.

But without happy clients who are seeing awesome results from the funnel you built them, this final step of the FaaS Framework becomes a whole lot more difficult.

That’s why it’s important to systemize your agency from the ground up and make sure that you’re creating processes to nurture your dream client and deliver them excellent results every step of the way.

Implementing This Framework Could Save Your Business

When I launched my FaaS Agency, White Coat Digital, I had no idea what I was getting myself in to.

Yes, I knew how to build successful funnels that converted like crazy. Yes, I had a ton of ideas and some prospects to get us started. But I didn’t know that I needed to create systems from the start that would allow my agency to grow and scale successfully.

I was selling funnels, but every single one of them was different. I’d sell a local leads funnel to a dentist, a webinar funnel to a business consultant, a VSL to someone else…

And my team and I were struggling to keep up. I was miserable, my team was miserable, we were all stressed out… and worst of all, my clients were pissed off.

I finally hit the breaking point — I had to make some massive changes and to remove myself as the bottleneck in my business before everything fell apart.

That’s when I developed the 4-Step FaaS Framework.

I created it to save myself and my business… and now that I’m focused on my funnel mapping and analytics tool, Funnelytics, I want to help other digital marketers do the same.

We’re in uncertain times right now. Everyone is worried about what will happen in the coming weeks and months.

For now, I’m choosing to focus on what I can control… and I recommend you do, too.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing the strategies that helped me grow and scale my FaaS Agency here on the blog…

And I’ve also put together a free resource for marketers who want to learn how to find and keep clients in hard times.

It’s a 100% FREE, 6-Part Masterclass + 5 eBooks that walk you through my 4-Step FaaS Framework…

And it will teach you how to make your business recession-proof and transform your marketing agency from struggling to thriving, even during tough economic times.

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