5 Hacks to Bigger Sales and Better Business

Are you a small business owner looking to transform your sales game?

Have you spent time frustrated about your lack of leads and worried or confused about how to create better revenue opportunities?

We understand that struggle and have an answer to your problem. By following these 5 “hacks” (or steps) you can ensure that your company is creating better leads, closing sales and boosting revenue.

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We were able to work alongside the owners of IIFYM.com, a nutrition, and weight loss business and found a way to take their earnings from $2,500 a month to $5,000 a day. These five simple ‘hacks’ made their site more efficient and profitable plus they don’t take a ton of effort to utilize.

Engineering a Way Forward

Our first step, which might sound technical but shouldn’t scare you off, was to reverse engineer. You might be wondering what in the world ‘reverse engineering’ is and thinking “Uh, yeah that does sound super technical and potentially difficult.” It’s not. Reverse Engineering means understanding where the business is “at” currently.

What are your profit numbers? What is making you money? Most importantly, where are the holes in your business that once plugged, can make you bigger profits?

We found that in IIFYM’s case they were getting 400,000 unique visitors to their website every month. These hits came organically through their blogs, SCO and other means.

So, as our main goal is to always find the fastest path to success, we saw that IIFYM was selling a $50 product and making 50 sales a month. We found our path and knew how to create faster track to profitable gains. You might be seeing how 50 sales a month and 400k in visitors don’t quite add up? We noticed that about half of IIFYM’s traffic 400k was coming from their macro calculator page with around 150k visitors.

The Macro Calculator is a program they set up that allows users to enter their weight, height, daily activity etcetera. This in turn tells visitors how many calories to consume and gives a fat, carb and protein breakdown. However, to get their results users had to enter their email and that created a lead for the company. This method of email collecting through the calculator created about one thousand leads per week. We saw that there was room to optimize and find that fast path to success.

We found that the rest of the traffic was coming from the homepage, blog and recipes page. With this information gained through reverse engineering, we set up a game plan.

Streamlining Leads and Increasing Cart Value

As you can see you have two more new concepts of the 5 we are giving you today. We saw that the Macro calculator was pulling in a ton of leads but it needed a little work. Some of the functions weren’t as smooth as they could be and we knew it needed to be revamped.

We simplified the opt-in functions, removed some forms and fields that clogged up the process and made it a more user-friendly experience. Any business person with sense knows that your leads are your business’s lifeblood. So, with that in mind you need to see what parts of your website might be causing a user to quit in frustration and fix them!

Once we figured out that the calculator was the pull and we fixed the functionality. We saw IIFYM’s leads jump from 1,000 a week to 4,000 a week.

Your natural next step as a business owner is to think of new ways of gathering leads but in this case: We saw that the calculator was really the bread and butter generating success. So, why fix what is no longer broken?

We made sure that on every page a person visited there was a “call to action” that lead them back to the calculator. This small move bumped IIFYM to 5,000 leads a day!

Our next hurdle is one that most business owners deal with but don’t know how to handle: Not having enough cart value.

You might be wondering what that means and how it plays a role here. Think of it this way, when a person takes out their credit card and makes a purchase there’s a rush of endorphins as they hit the submit button, they’re excited!

People love to shop because of that addicting rush of good feelings. One of the best ways to capitalize on this is to place an extra offer at the checkout, quite like candy at the register. You can offer an “add-on” product or “bump” that adds further value to their purchase.

In IIFYM’s case we didn’t have a bump product and we were only working with the $50 item. We didn’t want to have to come up with an entirely new product.

Then it hit us, we could create an ebook based on 100 recipes we already had. This bump added $27 dollars onto the sale and we found that 30–40% who bought the $50 product also added the bump product. The best part of this tactic was that it didn’t cost us money to make and didn’t include shipping costs.

Which means it was 100% profit. Next, we thought about other cost-effective add-ons we could generate. We tested custom meal plans and fitness programs and found that meal plans worked exceptionally well. We presented a meal plan as a $197 plan and found that 15% of people added it to their final purchase. Once you streamline your leads and find your increase in cart value don’t run to the bank with your money, follow these last two steps.

Following Up with Your Consumer and Offering Promotions

The fourth step in our (and your) journey is to follow up with your consumer.

Yes, it’s great to make money and generate leads but you need to make sure to follow up with those leads. It’s said that you need seven touch points before someone is willing to make the sale. If a site visitor used the macro calculator we made sure it sent them an email with their results, then that email would prompt them to the sales page.

We continued with follow up emails, not nagging with “BUY NOW!” stuff that annoys people. Instead, we offered entertaining emails that pushed them back to the $50 and if they didn’t buy that we tried the meal plan, see? When you get a lead make sure to follow up in an entertaining or informative manner.

If you give a lead more opportunity to buy it naturally will pave the way for increasing the value of the lead. If you offer an item 5 times and by the 6th they’ve decided they want it and you make a profit. Following up isn’t your only due diligence as a business owner, you can’t forget to allow for offering promotions!

A lead might be completely into what you’re offering but they don’t have the current budget. Or, maybe they’re not interested in spending the money for what you’re selling and that’s okay. Why? Simply put, it means you’ve got potential money on the table and if you make the right moves you’ll make that sale.

This is where offering promotions come in. The fifth and final step to the 5 hacks. Think of the number of times people go out and buy products on Black Friday or President’s Day weekend? Everyone loves a deal! So, while those leads might be interested in your product right now, maybe they’re waiting on that sweet discount code to give them the final push.

Change up the game by having regular promotions for different products or introducing new offers because it could be your missing link to major sales!

There you have it, five hacks on how to get better leads and make sales. Find out where your business in making its money (or losing it through bad user experience).

Streamline where your leads are coming from and increase the value of your cart adding tantalizing “bump” products.

Lastly, make certain you are following up via email to push those leads to sales and if that’s not working keep in mind that everyone loves a deal!