The Dream Marketing Client Checklist

Weed out bad clients before they sign by clearly defining your dream marketing client.

Have you ever had a bad marketing client?

The kind of client who eats your time, under pays you, constantly overrides you…

You know the ones I’m talking about.

They can derail your entire week if you let them, and still not be happy even after you’ve delivered everything you’ve promised to deliver.

What if you never had to work with anyone like that again?

What if you had a checklist for your Funnel Marketing Agency that could help you stay focused on the clients you really want to work with…

And say no to the ones that are going to keep you from being able to grow?

If that sounds awesome, read on.

Laser Focus on Your Dream Client

Last week we talked about why you really need to define your client niche.

Hopefully as you worked on that exercise one or two clients really stood out.

Maybe it’s because you were able to get them excellent results. Maybe you just really liked working with them.

Either way, that’s good! It means you’re headed in the right direction.

(By the way, if you haven’t defined your niche yet, you should go do that now.)

But even if you aren’t quite convinced that you need a niche — or aren’t sure what yours is yet — the Dream Marketing Client checklist will help you laser focus on the kind of clients you want to get in the future.

Because if you’re serious about building a FaaS Agency (or any sort of marketing agency) you have to get selective about your clients.

The marketing clients you choose to work with will make the difference between the ability to scale and staying trapped in a cycle of overwork, stress and panic.

So if you like overwork, stress and panic… well, feel free to ignore this.

But personally, I think hard work is overrated. Especially when it’s wasted on the wrong things, like bad clients.

And that’s why I created this checklist.

I got burned a few too many times by clients who were not a good fit for what I was trying to do with my agency… I needed a system to weed out those clients before I ever sent them a proposal.

That way I never had to waste time, money or energy on someone who was going to keep me from focusing on what I really wanted to do:

Grow my FaaS Agency to 7-Figures and beyond.

If that’s what you want, too, this checklist will help.

The Dream Marketing Client Checklist

The Dream Marketing Client Checklist is a simple, 10 item checklist of information you need to gather every time you are vetting a new client.

  1. Is their offer proven? Have they sold it more than once before?

  2. Do they have testimonials/case studies for the offer?

  3. Is their offer niche enough?
    (Photographer vs. Wedding Photographer)

  4. Can they handle more business?
    (Do they have the team/resources?)

  5. Are there enough of their dream customers out there?

  6. Can they deliver their part of the process?
    (Fulfillment, phone sales, etc.)

  7. Is a customer/client worth at least $500 to them for their offer?

  8. Do they have front-end and back-end offers to increase the Long-Term Value of each client?

  9. Are they already generating leads/sales or are they starting from scratch?

  10. Can they make a good return (with ad spend + your fee)?
    Does the funnel math make sense?

And that’s it!

A simple checklist that could change the future of your agency by changing how you choose your clients.

The best clients will be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions.

Good clients will be able to answer “yes” to most of them.

The more a client says “no”, the more difficult they are likely to be unless they have a lot of startup capital or something.

By the way…

You’ll notice that I need a potential client’s customers to be worth at least $500 to their business for me to consider working with them.

The reason for this is simple…

If someone is only making $10 or $20 in profit per client, it’s going to be very difficult to get them to pay for a high-end funnel and feel like they’re getting a good return.

So not only is the close process going to be a lot harder…

In my experience they will also be much more difficult to work with while you are building and optimizing their funnel, because a single expensive click can eat up all of their profit from a sale.

So I personally avoid working with clients who don’t have a larger profit margin.

I would recommend the same to anyone who is trying to build a profitable FaaS Agency.

How to Use This Checklist

Start by running the Dream Marketing Client Checklist for the clients who are in your niche to see if they would be a good match for your future agency…

And run it on any other existing clients you have, too.

This will give you an idea of who is a good candidate for an Agency that can grow and scale… and who might be taking up precious time and resources and need to be replaced.

Then run it again every time you’re talking to a potential client so you can quickly eliminate people who are not going to be a good fit for your agency.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about attracting your dream client and igniting your FaaS Agency, go watch this video to learn how to fill your calendar with dream clients.

Then download the free Funnel Client Attraction Cheatsheet, where I walk you step-by-step through:

  • Defining your niche
  • Attracting your dream client
  • Creating a FaaS Agency plan
  • The funnel I used to Ignite my Agency

… and a whole lot more.

See you on the inside!