Expert Spotlight: Andrew Kroeze – Hosted by Mikael Dia

Organically scale and monetize your Facebook Groups to $50K per month

We all want to make more money, preferably without having to spend more money.

And everyone knows that social media is a great way to connect with your audience, and that you pretty much have to use Facebook these days if you want to get in front of people.

But do you know what very few marketers and entrepreneurs do effectively?

Organically grow and monetize their Facebook audience!

Andrew Kroeze, however, has got the whole thing down to a science… one he was willing to share with me in this truly excellent Expert Spotlight interview.

Growing Your Facebook Group and the Rule of Reciprocity

Remember when I asked what it was that motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

Andrew Kroeze’s motivation is one that is really familiar to a lot of us. He was working in sales and hating his life, so he quit his job. Then he moved back in with his parents and started learning everything he could about Facebook Ads.

In November of 2017 he started his Facebook Ads agency and his first Facebook Group.

He grew that group from nothing to 1000 members in 35 days… and in February 2018 he had his first $50,000 month… all from organic traffic.

And he did this all without running ads.

Instead, Andrew got digital marketers, entrepreneurs and agency owners into the group and gave them free stuff. In fact, he gave them so much free value that by the time he was ready to launch his premium program, they felt obligated to “repay” him in some way for everything they had already learned from him.

That’s the Rule of Reciprocity at work!

Growing a Facebook Group opens up a lot of opportunities as you grow your audience and your relationships.

Andrew Kroeze

Keep Your Facebook Audience Engaged

When Andrew first started his group, he was a new Facebook Ad agency owner who was just trying to connect with other people in the same industry. His goal was to get all the agency owners in one place so they could help each other and get the conversation started.

He shared so many awesome tips on how to organically grow your Facebook Groups during our interview for me to list them all… but here are a few:

  • Andrew uses his personal page as a funnel, treating it like a business page. He treats new friends as leads so he can funnel them into his Facebook Group.
  • He added 5000 followers to his personal page really quickly, which lead to getting followers because they were seeing his content through their connections.
  • Once he got 1000 followers to move into the Facebook Group, he started posting a ton of engaging posts and content so the group would show up in the suggested sidebar on Facebook.
  • During the initial growth phase, he was commenting and replying to everyone to show he cared and was here to stay.
  • He uses methods like interviews, sharing pro tips, asking engaging questions and posting follow trains to continue to engage his audience and grow other platforms like Instagram

Andrew lays out his process from getting organic leads to monetizing his audience (using scarcity tactics) in detail in the interview, so I highly recommend you check it out if you’re serious about using Facebook Groups.

Ask and engage in questions related to your industry, like “what’s the number one thing you’re struggling with?” or “what’s your number one goal?”

Andrew Kroeze

If you are even considering using Facebook Groups to engage and monetize your clients, you really need to watch this interview. Andrew is a master… I learned a ton from this Expert Spotlight that I was able to start using immediately.

So head over to YouTube right now!

Then take a second to download Andrew’s Expert Spotlight One Page below by showing this post a little love!

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