Expert Spotlight: Esther “Pinky” Kiss – Hosted by Mikael Dia

Mastering the Art of Public Relations

When Esther agreed to sit down and have an Expert Spotlight chat with me, I was really excited.

Not only is she a good friend, but she has done such incredible stuff to help me get my brand in front of people. I seriously appreciate everything she has done for me and for Funnelytics.

So getting to sit down and talk with her about public relations – and the importance of best leveraging publicity – was really awesome.

Because if you aren’t leveraging your relationships to grow your audience and get your message out there, you’re missing out.

I highly recommend you watch the full interview right here:


Public Relations and Leveraging Your Audience

Esther didn’t start out in public relations… as a matter of fact, she started out as a digital marketer.

But she had a dream of working with high-level entrepreneurs. So she started a podcast for influencers with a friend, then discovered that she could grow her business relationships by connecting her guests with other podcasters.

This lead to getting them on TV, radio, and booking public appearances…

Turning her ability to connect people into a paid gig and, ultimately a full-fledged business.

A business that has now worked with massive clients like Ryan Levesque and Gary Vaynerchuck!

It comes down to a level of empathy for your ideal client and understanding what kind of message would help move their story forward.

Esther Pinky Kiss

Public Relations Hack: Tell the Best Stories

The core of Esther’s business is coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and influencers in the art of telling the best stories.

When she helps someone prepare for a public appearance – be it a TV interview, a podcast or a speaking engagement – she helps that client strategize by examining the person who is sharing the message.

She dissects their stories and then decides which are the most relevant and deliver the most emotional weight. Those are the stories that are the most likely to lead to conversions.

Esther insists that her clients think from the perspective of “how can I help this particular audience?” instead of just “I want to promote my book/product/business.” That is key in figuring out what message will best resonate with your audience.

Then she dials in the message by asking:

  1. What is your idea target client?
  2. What do they need to hear and believe in order to want to take the next step with you?
  3. What specific stories, examples and case studies relate to the audience and fit the media source?

Then she teaches them how to leverage that appearance to bolster existing sales and marketing campaigns.

If you really think that [the story] would be good for that audience, you can still make it work as long as you prioritize and respect the person’s relationship with their audience.”

Esther “Pinky” Kiss

Public Relations Hack: Know Your Audience

Esther had a ton of tips for how to make sure you know your audience and are giving them relevant content.

It would take forever to detail them all here (watch the video here or download the expert spotlight below!)…

But here are some of her top tricks for making sure your stories are going to resonate with your audience.

  • It’s all about relationships. You are trying to connect with people and make friends.
  • If you want to get on TV or the radio, you will have success if your expertise is relevant to a mainstream news story.
  • Find out what the host, show or website is looking for, then make your pitch if you have something you can contribute to the conversation.
  • Bring your own topics to the pitch, don’t expect the editor or host to tell you what to contribute to their platform.
  • Show genuine interest in the host!

Taking Public Relations to the Next Level

I hope if you’ve made it all the way down here, you’ve already watched the interview and are just trying to download the Expert Spotlight One Page – okay, two page – because you want a cheat sheet at your fingertips.

If not, what are you waiting for?

Not only does she flesh out everything I talked about above, she also discusses:

  • Customizing your approach to get noticed by high profile media
  • How to build a relationship with key influencers
  • Making sure you’re following up with your contacts with even more relevant information
  • Captivating your audience once you have them…
  • And so much more!

So go watch the interview right now…

Then take a second to download Esther’s Expert Spotlight One Page below by showing this post a little love!

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