Expert Spotlight: Josh Forti – Hosted by Mikael Dia

Josh Forti is an Instagram Expert who specializes in helping people grow their Instagram accounts.

Are you making the most of your Instagram account?

If you just rolled your eyes (which a lot of entrepreneurs do), I recommend that you watch this interview with Josh Forti so he can convince you that you’re wrong.

Unlike Jason Henderson and Frank Kern, Josh is pretty new to his internet marketing specialty.

As a matter of fact, he only started on Instagram two years ago.

He started the way many of us do – in a totally different venture. He was trying to do some drop shipping, then saw a kid with 1500 followers on Instagram and thought “I can do that, too.”

So he took an online course and started to grow his first 10,000 followers, which he quickly turned into 100,000 followers.

At that point, he got a business partner and together they created an agency which quickly grew 4.5 million followers for their clients.

He split with his business partner in May of 2017 and has been growing his personal brand ever since.

Organic Traffic over Paid Traffic

Josh is a strong believer in organic traffic, and has never done any paid traffic outside of brand deals and shout outs by Instagram influencers.

He knows how to maximize the effect of his paid traffic dollars – in our interview, for example, he mentions an influencer he paid $900 for a linked Instagram story shout out that ended in him getting over 1000 new sign ups to his email list.

Yeah, you read that right… totally new, cold traffic leads for under $1 per lead!

That’s why Josh now spends his time going into companies and teaching them how to group their following and helps partner them with the right influencers to help grow their brand on Instagram.

Your only goal on Instagram is to get your followers off the platform as fast as possible and onto some form of list.

Josh Forti

Why Use Instagram over Facebook or Twitter?

Josh believes in using Instagram for three reasons:

  1. You can get a ton of free traffic
  2. Anyone can blow up for any reason
  3. For a personal brand, it’s a huge place for credibility

He recommends that you produce a ton of content at the beginning… four to six posts a day until you have a massive following or can get major shout outs. Then you can drop to 2-3 posts a day.

It can be re-purposed content, but you need to have a ton of it and have it ready to go. As long as you can do something unique with that content, you can make it work.

But you need to be careful about selling to your Instagram followers.

His number one tip for monetizing your followers? Get them off Instagram as quickly as possible.

Do not sell on Instagram, Instagram should always be free.

Josh Forti

Use Instagram as a content distribution platform with the goal of getting followers and eyeballs on your content. Then as soon as you have their attention, get them off Instagram to somewhere else where you can convert them.

Growing Your Instagram Account

Josh was kind enough to share his Four Step Growth Strategy for anyone who is new to Instagram, and it’s pretty sweet.

I’ll go into this further in the One Sheet (download it at the end of this post!) but here are the basics:

  • Step 1: Content Research
  • Step 2: Consistency
  • Step 3: Hashtag Research & Strategy
  • Step 4: Networking & Engagement Groups

You get more exposure from “power likes” – getting likes from accounts that have over 100k followers. It lends your content credibility.

Reach out and ask in the beginning. Start networking with other accounts that are directly related to your industry/niche.

Josh Forti

My Expert Spotlight with Josh has a crazy amount of valuable information for growing your Instagram account.

Whether you’re currently using Instagram or not, I highly recommend you check it out. He definitely convinced me to start taking Instagram more seriously!

You can follow me right here, by the way.

I’ve also added a bunch of his tips and tricks to the One Page that you can download below!

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