Expert Spotlight: Ryan Stewman – Hosted by Mikael Dia

Overcoming Adversity and Dominating in Business and Sales with Ryan Stewman

Ryan Stewman is a total badass.

If you don’t already know who this guy is, you need to. He has overcome crazy amounts of stuff to get to where he is today… and now he’s DOMINATING in business and sales.

I’ve been following him forever, so getting to sit down and pick his brain about how he got to where he is today is seriously awesome.

You can watch the full interview right here:

From Jail to Real Estate Sales to Internet Marketing

Ryan didn’t start off as an internet marketer.

As a matter of fact, he had a really rough beginning… he grew up lower class and even spent some time in jail.

He was actually working at a car wash when he got his first break from a woman in the finance industry. He started helping his friends pay off debt…

Then went on to DOMINATE in the industry, outperforming anyone else in his office. Soon he was outperforming everyone in his branch, then started speaking at real-estate seminars.

He realized he understood how sales worked at a core level and continued to dominate in the real estate industry… but made the switch to offer digital marketing services in 2011 when he wasn’t able to get licensed at a federal level.

One of his friends referred him to Frank Kern, and he never went back.

Ryan Stewman’s Sales Mentality

Ryan’s sales mentality focuses on one core concept:

Keeping it simple = sales.

He believes that the more complex you make things, the harder it is for a human being to make a decision…

And the whole goal of sales is to have someone decide to buy your stuff.

You absolutely need to keep this in mind when you’re building your sales funnels. If it’s simple, it’s easy to implement and it’s easy for someone to make a decision on. If you give the public too many decisions to make or too much overwhelming information, they won’t do anything.

So if you’re struggling with conversions in your sales funnel, chances are the funnel has too many decisions and distractions for the customer to be able to make a decision. You want their choices to be clear:

  1. Do business with you
  2. Don’t do business with you

If your marketing funnel is more complicated than that, you are probably losing conversions.

He also talks in detail about the two things you need – besides the technology – when it comes to generating leads and making sales online…

So go and watch the interview for more!

The more complex you make things, the harder it is for a human being to make a decision.

Ryan Stewman

The Digital Marketing Sales Mindset

Ryan Stewman attributes most of his success to one thing: his mindset.

As a matter of fact, he believes his focus is what saved his life. Somewhere along the way he realized that everyone on this earth is trying to distract him and keep him unfocused. Social media, people’s problems, advertising, pop-ups… they are all DESIGNED to steal your focus.

He ignores it all, though. He believes in full focus and being in the present, and stays focused on his mission, no matter what.

Ryan talked at length during our Expert Spotlight interview about his Core Values and where he makes sure to show up in his life, and it’s really inspiring.

Honestly, I can’t do it justice just writing about it. You have to watch the interview to find out how he reduces noise and stays focused on his mission.

You cannot multi-task. It will give you half-results.

Ryan Stewman

“Live and Let Leave” and More Reasons to Watch Ryan Stewman’s Expert Spotlight

If you’ve made it all the way down here and haven’t gone to watch the video yet… what are you waiting for?

Maybe you’re here for the Expert Spotlight One Page (you can download it below!)

But if you actually want a little more convincing, here are a few more things Ryan Stewman covers in our Expert Spotlight interview:

  • The “Live and Let Leave” approach that keeps him from getting hung up on things that don’t work out
  • Being honorable, in sales and in life
  • Why you should focus on nothing but mastery
  • “Say what you see, so you can hear what you say”
  • Getting started in digital marketing without a safety net
  • And so much more.

So go watch the interview right now…

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