Expert Spotlight: Steve Larsen – Hosted by Mikael Dia

Mastering the Art of Funnel Building

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with funnel master Steve Larsen as a part of my Expert Spotlight series for Funnelytics.

If you don’t know Steve… well, if you’ve been in the funnel game for awhile then you’re definitely living under a rock!

Steve Larsen is a ferocious sales funnel master, the host of Sales Funnel Radio and used to be the lead funnel builder at Clickfunnels. As a matter of fact, in the years he worked at Clickfunnels he built almost 500 funnels and coached a ton of people on their journey to the Two Comma Club.

Now he helps businesses all over the globe grow like crazy by creating better funnels.

During our 45 minute conversation we talked about his entire marketing journey, including:

  • How he got started with sales funnels
  • The importance of building processes in your business
  • What he thinks about continuity offers (and how/when you should sell them in your funnel)

And of course I picked his brain for all the funnel building secrets I could convince him to share, including what he means when he says this:

Most people’s funnels suck because they don’t build them with intent.

Steve Larsen

Do you want to know how Steve got started in marketing?

Why product development has become his sales funnel super power?

Why he thinks building systems is important if you want to actually have a business?

What his formula for a successful funnel is… and why he’s redefining what it means to have a funnel in the first place?

…Or maybe you’re just wondering why he left Clickfunnels to strike out on his own?

Then this interview is a must-watch!

When you become different – not better – and build a business, a market and a product, and a marketing message around that, that’s the ticket. The rest of it is super easy.

Steve Larsen

Steve gave me a ton of killer insight into his process… I hope you check it out!

You can also download the one page synopsis (okay, it’s two pages) that covers all the key points of our conversation below by showing this article a little love… so check it out!

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